Monday, 15 June 2009

Pictures of previous projects.

Here are a sample of things I have done over the past couple of years. I usually make things as presents, and draw much of my inspiration for the design from the person it is for.

For example this purse with a tribal raven design in satin stitch on red Dupion was for a friend whose LJ name is Ivymoon Corvus.

While this 18th Century pocket in chain stitch, inspired by an original in the Costume museum in Bath was made for a friend who makes the most wonderful 18th Century inspired frocks, and wears them for Roleplaying in. I used some scrap linen, and my wonderful silks from The Handweaver's Studio in Walthamstow.

When I traced the design, I discovered it was too small for the pocket I wanted to make, so I added various elements to make it bigger. I love the colours, and the slightly wonky feel of the design.

My first attempt at silk ribbon embroidery on a cotton moleskin tea cosy, which was part of a circular swap of tea and teamaking accessories.

Finally, a glimpse of my most ambition project so far, a stomacher from a modified Therese Dillmont design originally intended to be worn with an 18th Century dress for a ball. I didn't complete it in time, and I still need to make it up. This is it partially done, I can't seem to find the photos of it all complete on my new computer.

Anyway, that is a quick cooks tour of my adventures in stitching so far, tomorrow I hope to take and post pics of my current projects.

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