Monday, 15 June 2009

My silks and shinies

I've been embroidering on and off since I was about 13, (I'm 50 this year) but more fanatically in the last two or three years! I blame Mary Corbett of Needle and thread, who never fails to inspire me. I used to post pics of my creations on my LJ, but all the stitchers seem to have blogs over here, so I thought I'd join you all.

This is just a place holder, (I'm posting from work, my bad) but later in the week there will be pics of some of my past and present projects.

My current projects are;

A first attempt at Jacobean, in Cotton on cream linen twill from a design from a Victorian book on Jacobean work that I found on Project Gutenberg,

A colourful belt in silk shading on black velveteen for a friend,

and, on the to do list, a wall hanging in silk shading (probably from another Dillmont design) as a wedding present for my brother.

Mary talks about how blogging motivates her, I'm hoping it does so for me too, as I really need to get cracking on the last one, the wedding is in October, and they are in New Zealand so I need to allow a couple of weeks for postage.

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