Sunday, 21 March 2010

A wee tribute to the art of Andrea Zuill!

Over Xmas I did a number of quick charming embroidery projects for gifts and to make Xmas ornaments.

Many of the designs I got from Andrea Zuill's charming free embroidery designs over at badbirds. I sort of got obsessed with these for a bit, I got so much pleasure in stitching them. They're cute and quirky and sort of folksy, so I had to add a touch of me by blinging them up in silks and satins with a bit of beading and gold work. (Because if you are going to spend hours and hours of your life stitching something, you may as well use the lushest materials you possibly can).

So here is a summary of the gifts I made using Andrea's designs. Some of them came out better than others, my making skills are still not up to my embroidery skills, but I'm getting there.

This became a spectacle case for my mother in law.

This was the spectacle case for the mother out law. (Its complicated).

Another Wol, and a Reindeer made into a pouch.

Another reindeer which was made up into an Xmas ornament with a lvender bag inside, so you can use it to scent your clothes all year round.

Another Xmas ornament, and lavender bag.

Materials include silks left over from various costume projects, gold threads and spangles from Mace and Nairn and silk threads from Mulberry Silks as well as beads from down the market.

I'm really pleased with this little series.

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