Monday, 22 March 2010

Internet Resources for my Sewing Ladies - Fabric

Disclaimer. I have not used all these sites (where I can remember using them I have said), and do not therefore endorse them. My experiences are my experiences, yours may differ. Please excercise reasonable care when shopping online, check that the site uses a secure credit card server, read their privacy policy about what they do with your details, or use paypal if it is an option. I've compiled these lists of links to get you started, but you shop on the internet at your own risk, and neither I nor my employers accept any responsibility for the consequences!

Reasonable prices, seems like a good range
Nice looking site, good prices.
Basic, no frills site with a decent range of fabrics, and some bargains.
Ok, this is where synthetic fibres go to die, but I don't expect everyone to share my obsession with natural fabrics. The sell by the roll at really good prices, or by the yard still quite reasonable.

A quirky selection of quality fabrics at very good prices. Also do interfacing, which is handy.
OMG! Silks! Not cheap, and mail order only, but the site is pretty!

This site ships direct from India, but shipping charges seem surprisingly reasonable. I havn't used them yet, but I'm planning a purchase soon.
Failrly limited selection, but good prices, and also sell interfa cing, which can be hard to find online.

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